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Q Analysts Enables Leading VR Provider to Deliver Highest Quality Product on Time

BACKGROUND & CHALLENGE In order to become a leader in the emerging Virtual Reality (VR) market one needs to be aggressive. But aggressive goals can cause unexpected challenges. A leading VR provider found itself talent constrained as the ship date of a new complex product neared. The company’s internal team didn’t have the bandwidth to focus…
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Q TestLab and Multi-National Telecommunications Provider Partner on a Messaging App

BACKGROUND Recently, one of the world’s largest telecommunications corporations decided to expand its product line to include an all-in-one messaging service. This ambitious undertaking would deliver the functionality to sync all text messages, calls, voicemail, media attachments and emails into a single inbox. If it worked well, the company stood to gain significant advantage in…
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The “P” word – Process!

In the software development world, quite often the “P” word, or Process, conjures up more unpleasant imagery than it deserves. Process has a bad rap. Coupled with its counterpart, Improvement, its reputation is not much better. There are explanations for this that are easy to understand. The core competencies of most engineers are to design…
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Comprehensive Testing Competency Development for Home Security Automation

BACKGROUND Our client, a major U.S. telecom provider, was expanding beyond telephone, TV and internet services to include Internet-based home security and automation services. This new product allows consumers to proactively monitor, protect, and manage their homes from their smartphones, tablets or PCs. Imagine raising or lowering the thermostat, watching live videos, or even locking…
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THE CHALLENGE The client, a leading provider of wireless services with hundreds of million subscribers, was seeking to improve service levels to its integrated 3rd party resellers. The group provides the on-boarding service for 3rd party products (a combination of handsets and services). The test group validates integration with 3rd party reseller systems to confirm…
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BACKGROUND Our client, a major U.S. telecom provider, was in the midst of a very large corporate merger. Both companies had similar System Development Life Cycle methodologies and processes based on the Rational Unified Process. However, not everyone in both companies was familiar with or following the process in their daily work causing major inefficiencies,…
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THE CHALLENGE The world’s largest Mortgage Insurance Company was growing at a rapid rate. To keep pace with this growth and implement new Governance controls, the client began a major reorganization of its IT infrastructure and supporting processes and methodologies. It was decided that some applications would move from in-house to partially or completely outsourced…
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