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How mobile and digital will revolutionize healthcare

The healthcare industry - like all industries that deal with vast amount of personal data - will be revolutionized by the advent of more powerful mobile phones.  These mini-computers will be able interface with the healthcare providers to provide the ultimate in personalized service.  Many apps are being developed to aid with in-hospital navigation (think…
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Gartner Ranking of Critical Capabilities as of 3/2016

Gartner Ranking A most impressive study by Gartner. Birst is a leading contender on many fronts. The rankings are summarized below but read the article for the complete picture. The 4th chart shows what I think will become the most valuable defining characteristic. OEM/Embedded BI. As the world generates more and more data, the traditional BI/EDW…
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The “P” word – Process!

In the software development world, quite often the “P” word, or Process, conjures up more unpleasant imagery than it deserves. Process has a bad rap. Coupled with its counterpart, Improvement, its reputation is not much better. There are explanations for this that are easy to understand. The core competencies of most engineers are to design…
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