Q TestLab and multi-national telecommunications provider partner on a Messaging App


Recently, one of the world’s largest multi-national telecommunications corporations decided to expand its vast product line to include an all-in-one messaging service. This ambitious undertaking would deliver the functionality to sync all text messages, calls, voicemail, media attachments and emails into a single inbox.

If it worked well, the company stood to gain significant advantage in the competitive telecommunications market. It would allow home and business customers to seamlessly access all their important content across multiple platforms – mobile devices, tablets and personal computers. But there was a lot at stake. If the roll out was hampered by technical problems, the company’s reputation with its immense customer base would take a significant hit.

It was clear that the company would need a trusted partner to help ensure a flawless end-user experience, and for that, it turned to Q Analysts for testing of its new solution. The telecom company was already a long-time Q Analysts client, and Q Analysts had established a solid reputation working across multiple groups within the company. And at the time, there was a strategic initiative to move the client’s QA and testing work to a managed services model, a job for which Q Analysts Q TestLab was uniquely qualified. Q TestLab is an onshore offsite Q Analysts service that uses a proven and scalable delivery framework leveraging millions of hours of testing expertise. It allowed the client to outsource its testing locally, leveraging the proven Q Analysts talent pool and enjoying the greater protections offered by US IP and copyright laws.


The client’s product featured a robust cloud platform with the ability to harmoniously sync a wide variety of content sent among multiple recipients. It also gave consumers the ability to view this content across a multitude of personal computing devices, regardless of the ecosystem.

Because the product was so dynamic and diverse, the potential for severe defects – and a negative customer experience - was high. For example, a syncing error causes a small business owner who is working to grow market share for the company to miss an invitation to a vitally important networking event. By the time the user sees the invitation, the event has passed and potentially cost that business owner new clients, time and money.

To mitigate a telecommunications failure like that, the Q TestLab team employed a proven systematic approach to detect exactly these types of destructive, functional issues. The client’s expectation was that its application would send and receive content across all platforms simultaneously and flawlessly.  But Q TestLab's end-to-end testing efforts showed quite the contrary. The Q TestLab's team quickly discovered several deficiencies over several release cycles of the application. This allowed the client’s development team to implement critical code fixes in a timely manner, avoiding widespread fallout.


The Q TestLab's team delivered on-time, reliable and actionable data that resulted in the successful launch of the client’s telecommunications service offering. Q Analysts’ experienced testers have a proven track record of quality that’s unmatched in the industry. From end-to-end, stress, load, performance, regression, functional, system, usability, compatibility, recovery and security testing, its vigorous testing routines enable client success.

Throughout the course of the project, the client came to see the Q TestLab team as much more than a vendor. They viewed the team as an integral partner, vital to their continued success. This was evidenced by the fact that Q Analysts was contracted by the client to test all future iterations of the application till it was sunset to ensure that every release delivered the highest level of quality that their customers have come to expect.


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