BI & Analytics

  • BI Governance Strategy

    BI Governance Strategy

    The quality of communication and decision making is critical to the success of large and complex projects. It has become a fundamental need for maximizing return on investment.…

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  • BI Strategy

    BI Strategy

    BI Strategy Done well, business intelligence provides insight that supports confident decisions. The success of a BI initiative depends on strategy. Thoughtful planning helps maximize the value of…

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  • Big Data Readiness Assessment

    Big Data Readiness Assessment

    Big Data Readiness Assessment A readiness assessment reviews processes that deal with the structure of content to see if a client company is prepared to take advantage of…

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  • Data Modeling

    Data Modeling

    Like prototyping in engineering, data modeling tests design principles for addressing data requirements. A thorough approach to data modeling will provide a blueprint for the structured data used…

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  • Data Warehouse Design and Delivery

    Data Warehouse Design and Delivery

    An enterprise data warehouse contains the raw material for BI activities. As the location where all data is relatable and available, it provides the basis for making data-driven…

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  • ETL Optimization

    ETL Optimization

    An essential part of data management practice is ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data input. The extract, transform and load (ETL) process can determine the overall consistency…

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  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    Predictive analytics deals with processes that can be automated to determine the suitability, content, applicability, and veracity of data that makes up a company’s IT data. Q Analysts…

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  • QA and Testing for BI

    QA and Testing for BI

    Every BI initiative shares characteristics with software or product development, and can benefit from QA practices in similar ways. For example, unit testing can help ensure the integrity…

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  • Query Optimization

    Query Optimization

    The ability to create clean, effective code makes all the difference in delivering accurate and timely results. In many cases, code determines whether usable results can be achieved…

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  • Service Desk

    Service Desk

    Support, Help Desk, and Infrastructure Text Analytics. The conversion of non-traditional data, such as recognized voice recordings and SMS, to formats that can be sorted, measured, and analyzed…

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