Gartner Ranking of Critical Capabilities as of 3/2016

Gartner Ranking

A most impressive study by Gartner. Birst is a leading contender on many fronts. The rankings are summarized below but read the article for the complete picture. The 4th chart shows what I think will become the most valuable defining characteristic. OEM/Embedded BI. As the world generates more and more data, the traditional BI/EDW approach to data management must necessarily be obviated by a modification to the "single stack" approach. The single stack has more commonly been used to describe a single tool that does all the functions of data management from ingestion, quality check, analysis, storage and display. However, single tool approaches have shown to be lacking in capabilities even though they are generally fast due to reducing data exchange hops. The single stack I'm referring to here implies a single environmental stack with tools such as Platfora that reside in situ with a Big Data storage such as Hadoop. Analytics tools like 'R' have shown this to be of value. Traditionally, tools like SAS are used to perform advanced analytics and usually sit external to the data path. Now, not only do we need to analyze the data in stream but also have ready the response to the results seen. Monitor is one thing, monitor and respond is quite another. At any rate, the amount of BI tools available is as large as it's ever been. The long term winners will be the ones that adapt to Big Data paradigms, Cloud and open source.

-- Tom

Centralized BI Scores

Product Scores for Decentralized AnalyticsProduct Scores for OEM/Embedded BI

Product Scores for Extranet DevelopmentCritical Capability


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