How mobile and digital will revolutionize healthcare

The healthcare industry - like all industries that deal with vast amount of personal data - will be revolutionized by the advent of more powerful mobile phones.  These mini-computers will be able interface with the healthcare providers to provide the ultimate in personalized service.  Many apps are being developed to aid with in-hospital navigation (think WAYZ), monitor and calculate best course of action on symptoms and even diagnose.  The future will bring biometric scanners to send real-time data to the phone to monitor conditions such as diabetes and especially cardiac conditions where interventional medicine is often critical.

In areas where physical doctor visits are scarce, this will open vast new worlds of telemedicine to help diagnose and treat patients even though the physician is across the planet.  The future for digital and mobile in healthcare is wide open and the next UBER sized app is just waiting to be built.

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-- Tom



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