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  • How Virtual Reality Impacts Business and our Personal Lives

    The future is here and in our business and personal lives, virtual reality impacts are becoming clear. Watch our webinar here to learn more.

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  • You Should Definitely Try This ‘R’ Tutorial

    No one can dispute that 'R' is fast becoming the analytics engine of choice.  But portability, flexibility, development base and cost are just some of the more useful features. The best way to learn 'R' One overlooked feature often is the "try it before you deploy" aspect. Here is a friendly, easy to use tutorial from DataCamp that will let Continue Reading

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  • Spark vs. Hadoop

    When Bernard Marr talks … people listen. It’s the Wild West as far as Big Data tools are concerned. Find out how Spark compares to Hadoop. This discussion is pivotal in understanding the ecosystem and making sure the right technology is used for the right purpose. If you can pick one expert in BI, Bernard is the right choice.

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  • Analytics and Big Data according to Robin Bloor

    Robin Bloor is an internationally recognized expert on Big Data and Analytics.  From Machine Learning to typical analytics issues, he synthesizes the critical success issues in a way that is easily understood by business professionals as well as technical experts. Follow Robin’s thinking as he leads us down the rabbit hole of big data.

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  • BI as Data Security

    From Sony to the IRS, we know that data security measures have fallen short of expectations and needs.  Here’s how you can use your existing BI infrastructure to augment your security profile. We need get back to the fundamentals of information delivery.  Learn how your BI implementation process can help your company stop intrusions and loss.  This is best practice Continue Reading

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  • The Pen(test) is mightier than the Sword

    Security testing does not have the glamour and glitz of User Interface and Functional testing, but could make or break your product in the market.  Join us for an overview of Penetration Testing, or Pen Test which you will learn that the need for security testing is real, what is the mindset of those evil hackers, what constitutes Penetration tests Continue Reading

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  • An Agile QA Introduction Webinar

    Agile is a broadly adopted SDLC methodology in use today. It comes in many forms, levels of rigor, and implementation. A common myth is that you don’t need QA in a high-functioning Agile system. That isn't true, and here we have an example of proper methods and how to use a specific Agile delivery.

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  • 10,000 ft Overview of Mobile Testing Tools

    Mobile testing tools used to be the add-on to the desktop world of your extended test plan.  Now, you might make the reverse argument. Join us for an overview of the tools that exist in this space to make Mobile testing more targeted and efficient.  We will discuss what makes up the genre of Mobile Testing, the key challenges in Continue Reading

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