Qanalysts ground truth

An overview of Ground Truth Data Collection

March 9th, 2020

What is ground truth data? Ground truth data is data collected at scale from real-world scenarios, to train algorithms on contextual information such as verbal speech, natural language text, human ...

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The Science of Human Data Collection

March 4th, 2020

What is Human Data Collection?  As the world around us becomes more digitally focused, the way we interact with machines, data and each other is becoming more prominently through&nbs...

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Software Quality Assurance Overview

February 6th, 2020

What is software quality assurance?  • QA is understanding users’ demands and anticipating what their needs will be, determining the best path for testing the software, and conducting a serie...

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Why Fog Computing is bigger than Cloud

March 10th, 2016

Have you ever grabbed a hot skillet only to immediately drop it? Do you think your brain had anything to do with this event? If you answered yes, think again. Evolution has worked magic and in order t...

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Top 10 Must Do’s for Testing Mobile Apps

March 3rd, 2016

The mobile and mobile testing industry has evolved very quickly in this era and is only going to move even faster due to Rapid Application Development. We live in a world now that despite what mobilit...

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