Ground Truth Data Services


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to combine human-centered design techniques with cutting-edge technologies. As a result, the human-to-machine interface is moving from mice and keyboards to touchscreens, gestures, facial recognition, voice commands, and beyond, transforming the way we engage with machines, data, and each other. At the heart of this revolution are the AI algorithms that rely on accurate ground truth data to drive effective recognition of the real world.


We provide a complete suite of Ground Truth Data Services

This includes data collection, data ingestion, and automated or manual annotation to create algorithm-ready quality data optimized for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Data Collection

ML and AI programs need high quality data at scale to realistically improve efficiency. Computer vision is closing the gap between real word images and perceived images captured by cameras.

Q Analysts has significant expertise to initiate, create, and deliver a variety of data collection initiatives in the areas of verbal speech, human gestures, and inanimate objects and spaces.

This capability mitigates time and budget constraints.


Speaking is the most primary way we understand and communicate our experiences with products. It’s also the most fundamental way we gather quality improvement data. Lacking sensitivity or understanding surrounding the nuances of language, the core data can be misinterpreted or compromised. Our linguistics team has proven expertise in data capture of accents, a wide range of international dialects, speech patterns, cadence, and other speech nuances and behaviors and can focus at scale to help speech-driven machine learning programs.


How people react and behave with products can reveal even richer information than from that which is spoken. The spectrum of behavior, e.g. gestures or facial expressions or eye movement, can express the user experience with tremendous depth and more importantly, contradict what an individual may be saying to reveal a fuller truth. Properly recognizing human behaviors is particularly critical when the user has limited verbal communication abilities or other accessibility factors, e.g. ADA related or young children. Partnering with us can help you understand every behavior variable – physical, geographic, cultural, and more – to collect data which accurately reflects the actual user experience.


Spatial awareness through computer vision technologies is critical in a world where we need our devices to work properly across a spectrum of environments; from virtual, augmented, and mixed reality devices being able to recognize different kinds of room dimensions and objects in homes, to mixed-reality devices designed to be used in business meetings, to spatial data capture for creating high resolution maps. Our expertise in running global programs that utilize sophisticated equipment and tools for capturing spatial behavior and orientations for homes, offices, and public spaces helps safeguard that the ultimate products will work as promised in concert with anticipating issues.

Data Management

The importance of data to be collected at scale is tantamount to any collection engagements and the scaling must be properly managed to be usable for ML and AI programs. Q Analysts believes that appropriate data management at all stages including ingestion, triage, tagging and annotation certifies the programs get the most from any data collection effort.

For any data collection program to be successful, the quality of output is key to its success. Lessons learned in the collection process often lead to changes in data requirements, e.g. requiring new information or prioritizing it in a different way.

Our corporate mission is a focus on Quality, and we have built processes and practices to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of data at every stage of the data collection and annotation process.

Data Ingestion

“Garbage in-garbage out” is a classic phrase suggesting the cleaner the data, the better the results. Because data purity starts at the point of collection, we establish the proper data intake and processing parameters, monitoring data collection in real time to ensure it is accurately validated, prioritized, and dispatched in the QA process.

Data Tagging and Annotation

Tagging and annotation is a critical stage to ensure that data is properly labeled so machine algorithms can actually “learn.” We work with you to determine the best tagging paradigms based on data types including text, audio, and computer vision images and video. Our teams constantly monitor the gathered data to confirm it precisely meets your quality requirements. Our objective is to provide data to be used instantly without additional analysis or manipulation; whether leveraging software tools, or performing manual analysis to ensure accuracy, or some combination of both approaches.

Data Triage

Triaging data can be a tricky process. Lessons learned in the process often lead to changes in data requirements, e.g. requiring new information or prioritizing it a different way. Our experts verify your most important data in any domain - including multi-lingual triage for speech data, efficient grading of human gestures, or accurate recognition of spaces and objects - to ensure that your user experience is optimal and continually improves.

Our Mission is a Focus on Quality

We have built processes and practices to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of data at every stage of the collection and management process.


Running a good data collection and ingestion program requires considerable expertise in creating an optimized solution for each business situation. There is no global “one size fits all” solution. This is where our years of experience in running programs for some of the leading AI firms in the world can help you deliver the right data on time and within budget.


Globally Experienced Teams

We have global expertise in delivering data collection and management initiatives from precision to mass scale for speech, humans and spaces. We have developed optimized methodologies and approaches to run global programs to collect, manage, triage, tag and annotate data needed for sophisticated AI based products in the world of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, 2D and 3D Maps, speech assistance, and other future tech products.

Crowd Sourcing

Crowd sourcing platforms may seem simple to use but running an effective program takes significant expertise in knowing how to design the appropriate instrument and monitor it for bots and other “bad actors” and iterate to improve final outcomes. We have expertise in designing, creating, and running programs utilizing commercial crowd sourcing platforms with the appropriate oversight to ensure targeted participation and a favorable outcome.

Flexible Delivery Options

We offer a range of delivery options leveraging our global workforce. Any element of our Ground Truth Data Services can be delivered via a combination of onsite at a client facility, offsite at our dedicated Q TestLab facilities in Kirkland, Washington, offshore at our dedicated facilities in Bangalore, India, or through our global partner ecosystem. Our processes are designed to offer a seamless solution to our Client’s regardless of delivery location.