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The pervasiveness of technology and the explosion of devices and operating systems places increasing demands on enterprises to ensure that they provide quality software and an outstanding experience to their users, customers and stakeholders. Quality Assurance and Testing is typically not a core competency for many enterprises and they often turn to outsourcing this function. Q TestLab is an onshore offsite service offering that uses a proven and scalable delivery framework that leverages over a million hours of testing expertise to deliver outsourced QA & Testing services at a competitive overall ROI.  Q TestLab can assume any or all responsibility for outsourced testing for enterprise applications, IoT, mobile and cloud applications for consumers and enterprises, mobile devices, virtual reality and wearables among others.


Q TestLab comprises a range of QA and testing services focused in an offsite, onshore environment. These services can be applied to cloud applications, IoT, mobile devices and software, virtual reality implementations, and wearables. In practical terms, this offering becomes an extension of each client’s QA and testing capabilities. Q TestLab capabilities include:

Our Testing Services

Partnership Approach

Q TestLab services are aligned with client processes so that Q Analysts can take on select phases of testing or the entire testing cycle. Both parties determine the optimal staffing model of local and remote resources for each project. Q TestLab teams often include members from the client company. Specialists from Q Analysts are experts in resource management. They follow a proven engagement framework to ensure that outsourced projects are managed properly, with scalable and flexible operational hours. Regular project status reporting ensures effective control.

Advantages Over Offshoring

Several offshore providers offer these capabilities, but often at increased risk or with unrealistic expectations. Using offshore resources can involve challenges such as:

qanalysts-favicon Technical and cultural communication gaps

qanalysts-favicon Time and logistics differences

qanalysts-favicon Management and control limitations

qanalysts-favicon Confidentiality of intellectual property

qanalysts-favicon Overall effectiveness and productivity

By locating these capabilities within the United States, Q Analysts provides technical skills, project management processes, communications and productivity that are superior to offshore delivery models. Client IP remains protected under U.S. laws. Q Analysts has years of experience delivering testing projects at offsite labs for enterprise clients.


The quality of a managed service program must be proactively planned, measured, and monitored. To ensure that all milestones are achieved, the Q TestLab onshore-offsite services model uses a four phase methodology.


Q Analysts provides managerial oversight of quality processes, collaborating with the client at every stage and staying focused on execution.

Q Analysts consultants and project managers use proven methodologies. Where best practices are established, Q Analysts experts follow them; in unique situations, they develop new ones. They work seamlessly with client organizations to serve as true partners in QA and testing.

Four Phase Methodology

  • phase-one-Initiaition
  • phase-two-Program-Design
  • phase-three-Service-Operations
  • phase-four-Service-Transistion


Q TestLab provides a state of the art lab facility, an advanced high speed network, a scalable environment, and a collaborative culture. For example:


q-favicon-grayServers are physically located in secured building facilities with restricted project room access. They have redundant local and cloud backup systems. Clients can visit the lab to interact, train, and build face-to-face relationships.

q-favicon-grayNetworks are VPN enabled with proxy support and fiber optic broadband speed. Each project can have a secluded IP network, with static IP addresses and secure wireless access points. All infrastructure is scalable.

q-favicon-graySpecialists in execution are selected for technical abilities, business knowledge, and cultural fit. They bring advanced skill sets that can be applied in multiple environments, and receive ongoing career training and frequent industry training sessions.

q-favicon-grayQA practice leaders oversee project managers and test leads who, in turn, supervise testers. Administrators provide structured team leadership and mentoring. These collective tenets insure that expectations are met within the various milestones of any engagement.