QA & Testing

  • Automation Development

    Automation Development

    Automated testing helps development teams check more functions in less time, reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and improve the repeatability and reliability of results. Choosing and implementing the…

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  • Automation Strategy

    Automation Strategy

    Increasing the productivity of testing efforts through automation can significantly improve return on investment in testing. Automation allows QA teams to check more functions in less time, reduce…

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  • Custom Test Framework Development

    Custom Test Framework Development

    Every business has unique projects and processes. Sometimes, commercially available frameworks and established practices do not match a client’s actual requirements. This is where experience and knowledge become…

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  • Dev Ops Testing

    Dev Ops Testing

    DevOps Testing In today’s environment, IT performance has a real impact on business performance. Highly efficient IT organizations create greater business value for their organizations, as measured by…

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  • Functional Testing

    Functional Testing

    A critical step in validating any design is to execute test cases to ensure that program behavior matches the test plan and strategy. This helps determine whether a…

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  • Mobile Testing

    Mobile Testing

    Mobile computing has become a critical capability for large enterprises. For a mobile initiative to succeed, the company must assess its approach to mobile computing, evaluate the functionality…

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  • Mobile Testing Strategy

    Mobile Testing Strategy

    Mobile computing is integral to the business strategy of every major enterprise. Q Analysts has been involved in testing mobile applications since 2003, helping clients: -Assess approaches to…

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  • Performance Testing

    Performance Testing

    Effective performance testing involves local environments, web services, and data centers. It includes scenario based strategies to track user volume and demand on application capabilities (load and stress).…

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  • Performance Testing Strategy

    Performance Testing Strategy

    An effective performance testing strategy will help measure the most important application performance criteria for any organization, and determine where effort and investment are most valuable. Q Analysts…

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  • QA & Test Strategy

    QA & Test Strategy

    An effective quality assurance and testing strategy will help maximize the return on information technology investments. With the right approach and repeatable processes, organizations can make sure their…

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  • QA Dashboard Design and Implementation

    QA Dashboard Design and Implementation

    To support management strategy and execution, dashboards must display meaningful metrics with relevant types and combinations of data, providing critical information at a glance. Experts from Q Analysts…

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  • QA Program and Project Management

    QA Program and Project Management

    QA program and project management—a core competency for Q Analysts—encompasses all QA planning and execution activities. Having an effective QA program and project management structure will ensure that…

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  • QA Tools Assessment Strategy

    QA Tools Assessment Strategy

    From open source tools to custom frameworks, testing tools are available for every size organization and functional need. Through years of experience, Q Analysts has learned which tools…

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  • Quality Metrics

    Quality Metrics

    Quantitative and qualitative data show the status of a product or project, and help managers determine progress. Relevant information provides the basis for confident decisions, and prevents wrong…

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  • Security Testing

    Security Testing

    Security testing is designed to anticipate and minimize security risks to an enterprise—malware, malicious users, network vulnerabilities, and more. Testing can include several of the following important areas.…

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  • Security Testing Strategy

    Security Testing Strategy

    Distributed resources, a mobile workforce, and multiple networks can leave enterprises open to attacks from malware and malicious users. For many organizations, protecting data has become a critical…

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  • Test Lifecycle Optimization Strategy

    Test Lifecycle Optimization Strategy

    The most successful projects integrate QA processes with development from the beginning of the project lifecycle. The SDLC process should be aligned with test strategy and optimized for…

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  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Testing

    Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

    Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Testing are disruptive technologies that will impact many aspects of our lives in the future. Testing hardware, software and applications in…

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