Analytics Practice Advisor

- Jerry serves on Q Analysts’ services advisory board and leads many of the strategies associated with the delivery of services to Fortune 100 clients. In his role, Jerry maintains oversight of many of the accountabilities assumed by Q Analysts field consultants, including key service level commitments performed.

- Jerry’s extensive experience includes 25 years of experience in consulting and enterprise data and analytics leadership capacities, particularly within the banking industry. Recently, he spearheaded strategy for the data and analytics initiatives for a substantially funded Fiduciary Core overhaul of legacy SEI platforms, led Customer and Portfolio Analytics supporting the Investments Institute and Enterprise Customer 360 programs for a worldwide banking leader. He has also recently led the delivery of integrated master data (MDM), big data analytics and cloud platforms in support of banking-related efficiency programs. His background also includes transformative initiatives such as data governance programs including enterprise metadata management, data lineage, data quality, business glossaries and data stewardship in support of BCBS 239 initiatives. These are only a few of the aspects of Jerry’s background that helps Q Analysts support its customers across many industries, including banking.

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