VP of Ground Truth Data Services – Seng is a foremost expert in the world of designing and executing strategies for ground truth data capture and annotation in the areas of Humans, Speech and Spaces. He has led global initiatives to set up and deliver on complex data collection projects in the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). Seng is responsible for initiating, creating and delivering end-to-end solutions for our Client’s ground truth initiatives.

Seng’s background includes his most recent role as operations program manager for Microsoft Corporation where he helped Microsoft become a market leader in the world of cognition for AI. Teung helped shape Microsoft’s initial efforts with Xbox Kinect in 2012 when the science of Ground Truth for AI was still nascent. Prior to that, Teung held several positions at VMC Consulting where he worked on multiple Microsoft products, including Xbox Kinect, Office 365, Microsoft Business Product Online, as well as projects for RealNetworks.

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