Telomeres Rule the Ultimate HealthCare agenda – Defeat Aging

Well, it was only a matter of time before a biomed company made claim to the fountain of youth. This company has found a way to roll back the aging clock by manipulating the telomeres our DNA.

Telomeres lie at the end of our DNA strands and are our body's way to prevent replication issues when a cell divides - known to us as aging.  Therefore, the longer the telomere, the less issue with replication.  The founder now 44, claims that she has the telomeres of a 20 year old.  If her statement is true, science has found the fountain of youth.

All it takes is a massive data store to hold your DNA sequence and a supercomputer to crunch the numbers. This is a true application of Big Data and you better QA the results perfectly. Of course, this discovery gives new meaning to the question "Will I outlive my 401K?"

Scientists claim they've completed the first successful gene therapy against human aging

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